Zeljko Kovacevic, RS Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining- Srpska has electricity for export

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Republika Srpska expects very much from this year when it comes to energy projects. Construction of TPP “Stanari”, with 300 MW of installed power that will be realized according to “turnkey” system is certain to begin this year. All preparation activities are finished and what is most important, the financial construction for this project realization is completely finished- Zeljko Kovacevic, RS Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, said.

I’m really glad that I can confirm that preparations of TPP Block “Ugljevik 3” with 2 times 300 MW of installed power are going as it was planned. This is one of the most important projects that implies “Greenfield” investment estimated to 1,8 billion KM for construction of completely new TPP and opening of new mine that won’t have influence on the work of “Ugljevik 1”- Minister stated and added that 30 million KM has been invested in this project’s realization so far, according to documents delivered by investors.

Which projects in this sector will be launched in this year?

-We should mention that certain activities on hydro power system “Gornja Drina” have been launched after the agreement for strategic partnership of German Company “RWE” and “Elektroprivreda”. Estimated value of investment that implies 4 HPPs- “Buk Bijela”, “Foca”, “Paunci” and “Sutjeska” amount about 900 million KM. The projects of HPP “Mrsovo” construction on Lim River, estimated to 188 million KM, hydro power system on Bistrica and several projects in domain of small hydro power plants should be mentioned, too. The concession contract for the wind park “Trusina” was concluded also. The biggest part of these projects already has the provided assets, what is the additional confirmation to successful realization in the following period.

Is some project important to Srpska expected to end in the next couple of months?

-The construction can last 3 to 5 years approximately after the issuance of all required licenses so it’s unreal to expect the construction of bigger energy objects to finish during next year. The beginning of the constructions TPP “Stanari” and TPP “Ugljevik 3” is reasonable to expect.

How does situation with electricity production in Srpska look like? Does Republika Srpska have enough energy? How do you feel about export and sale?

-Achieved production of electricity on the threshold of TPPs in “Elektroprivreda” in 2012 amounted 5.135 gigawatt-hours while distribution consumption amounted 3.551 in the same period. We can easily conclude that Srpska is the electricity exporter.

“Elektroprivreda RS” has exported 30% of total produced electricity in the last few years. It depends on Hydrology and technical readiness of TPPs. Similar intentions are expected in this year also.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/ERS/RS Government