6th ENERGY ARENA 2013, SEE Regional Conference on Energy

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The Infoarena Group, in partnership with NIS and National Petroleum Committee of Serbia, is organizing the 6th ENERGY ARENA 2013, SEE Regional Conference on Energy, to be held on 23rd October, 2013, at hotel Metropol Palace in Belgrade.

Following the main tasks and roadmap of the European Energy Community, Energy Arena Conferences are annually reviewing the recent developments in regional energy market, technological developments and accomplishments of SEE Energy Arena participants. The main goal of the conference is to share views on key challenges of the energy business sector on its way towards common energy market of the SEE countries and is organized under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Serbia on the occasion of Serbia’s Presidency of the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community.

The panel based discussion will include industry vision on best political and regulatory conditions for stable and successful development of the energy sector that contributes to the economic growth, job-creation and stronger integration within the region and entire Europe.

Energy Arena conference in Belgrade wish to initiate collaboration, open communication and discussions on subject of interest for SEE energy market and those who are interested to invest in its development. This is the place for you to hear inspiring speakers, to participate in discussions and share your ideas and experience. In Belgrade you will be able to meet your peers, make new friends and establish future business connections.

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