700.000 tons of zeolites waiting for exploitation on Fruska Gora

1. April 2013. / Mining

There are 700.000 tons of zeolites only in the site Opciste on the slopes of Fruska Gora. Only 100.000 EUR are required for launching the exploitation.

If there was no the whole aflatoxin situation, only a few Serbs would hear for zeolites which naturally destroys aflatoxin and many other poisons in food, water, ground… Zeolites is therefore called the magic stone. There are around 700.000 tons of zeolites in the Opciste site and on the slopes of Fruska Gora and this is enough for payable exploitation in the next 100 years!

This is excavation of tuff or volcanic origin rock which is used as addition in cement production and whose reservoirs are estimated on 1,8 million tons here. Research showed that percent of kinoptiolite, which is the best quality type of zeolites, is very high here and that there are about 700.000 tons of zeolite in its reservoirs – Dragic Maksimovic, mining engineer and former Director of production in Beocin’s cement factory, explains (BFC).

He met every inch of the only Pannonian Mountain and he pointed the significance of zeolites site first. He also initiated making around 50 boreholes in depth of 200m. Gained samples are committed to Belgrade’s Institute for nuclear and mineral materials.
-We got their finding in 1999 and it definitely confirmed high content and best quality kinoptiolite which is at the very top in Serbia. We can get between 8 and 10 thousands of this mineral here annually. Work will be done in pit mine, without destroying the nature and initial investments will exceed 100.000 EUR- an interlocutor said to “Novosti”.

Opciste is 400m from Beocin monastery and the muddy road leads to it. Thanks to Maksimovic’s devotion, it was excluded from BFC privatization “Lafarz” bought, so that belonged to “Fruska Gora” Company.

Maksimovic left Lafarz in the meantime but he continued to knock on many regional and national doors in order to persuade authorities to take wealth that nature gave. It is unclear who should launch exploitation at this very moment. After the constitutional court decision that part of the Law for Vojvodina authoritie should be declared as illegal, “Fruska Gora” Company is not part of the region anymore but it the Republic didn’t take it either.

-It is really less important who will do that, it is really important to use this really priceless wealth- Maksimovic says. –I’m only afraid that aflatoxin and zeolite significance will be quick forgotten like it often happens in Serbia and in that case some similar affair should happen to remind us.

It increases income

Zeolites clear land from pesticides, water from ammonia and other harmful substances, besides absorbing aflatoxin and many heavy metals. 1,2 to 1,5 of this material per ha is used in Japan, SAD and Canada and it increases income of rice by 17%, wheat 15%, eggplant 55% and carrot by 63%.

Source Novosti/Serbia Energy

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