Albania, Country to build two more electricity interconnections

, SEE Energy News

The Albanian Energy Regulatory Agency (ERE) said that it is preparing the reconstruction of 220 kV electricity interconnection with Montenegro, add- ing that the construction of another 110 kV interconnection is planned, as well as 110 kV electricity interconnection with Kosovo.

The existing 220 kV transmission line between Vau i Dejes in Albania and Podgorica in Montenegro has been commissioned in 1972 and is in need of reconstruction. ERE pointed out that numerous renewable energy projects in northern and northeastern Albania will demand more reliable and higher capacity transmission lines.

The new 110 kV interconnector would be built be- tween Velipoj in Albania and Ulcinj in Montenegro. The length of the Albanian section would be 8 kilometers. ERE said that the project is in early planning stage and contracts with Montenegrin authorities have yet to be established.

The other planned 110 kV interconnection should connect Bajram Curi and Kukesi substations with those on the Kosovo’s side. The first electricity interconnection between Albania and Kosovo, a project worth some 70 million euros, was completed in 2016, but it was commissioned in 2020, making the first step towards coupling the two countries’ electricity markets.

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