Albania: Electricity production amounted to 4.7 TWh in 2014th

, SEE Energy News

The electricity production from hydropower plants increased in the past year.

The optimal situation and the amount of rainfall have caused an annual production of about 4.7 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity, while the maximum was reached in December and amounted to 4.9 TWh.

In 2013th, the electricity produced in the country amounted to 4.5 TWh and the energy produced in private hydropower plants presumably, had the impact on production growth.

Total production in 2014th was 3.4 TWh of electricity, of which the private hydropower plants produced 1.3 TWh and 0.9 TWh in 2013th. Expectations are that a positive balance would be achieved in 2015th, bearing in mind that it will increase the number of private HPP that will become operational.

According to information from the Albanian Association for Renewable Energy Production in private HPP will occupy 18 percent of total production this year.

However, although production in Albania continues to grow, the country remains dependent on imports, the dependence is reduced over the past year, but domestic electricity production is not sufficient to cover the needs of all consumption.

The main reason is the drastic measures taken in order to reduce losses and theft of electricity on the network, which produced that the consumption in Albania in 2014th is slightly above 5 TWh. , transmits