Albania: Electricity production rose by 21.7 % in 2016

, SEE Energy News

According to the data published by the Albanian Statistics Office (INSTAT), electricity production in Albania rose by 21.7 % in 2016, reaching the total of 7,135.9 GWh.

The country’s electricity exports in 2016 almost doubled compared to the previous year, reaching 1,868.6 GWh (955.9 GWh in 2015). At the same time, Albanian electricity dropped significantly to 1,826.7 GWh in 2016, which is 22.4 % less than in 2015.

Albania generates all its electricity from hydropower plants, of which 5,091.6 GWh or 71.8 % was produced by state-owned HPPs, while the remainder was generated by privately owned hydropower facilities.

In 2016, Albania managed to decrease its power network losses by 9.6 % to 1,985.9 GWh. Distribution losses accounted for 90.4 % of the total losses in the power network. Within these, technical losses amounted to 1,346.5 GWh, while the rest is ascribed to non-technical reasons.