Albania: Electricity trading, cross border

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The current Albanian grid system is made up of national and international interconnection lines. The entire grid system is under state ownership, although some interconnection lines are expected to be constructed and operated by private investors.

The Albanian cross-border lines include one line (400 KW) with Greece, two (220 KW and 400 KW) with Montenegro and one (220KW) with Kosovo.

The transmission system operated by the TSO is based on multiparty or bilateral agreements and in line with technical standards and safe opera­tion requirements established by the provisions of the Grid Code, ERE bylaws as well as the criteria of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity.

Pursuant to the Electricity Market Rules and the Regulation on the In­terconnection Allocation Capacities (Rregullore per Alokimin e Kapac­itetevete Interkonjeksioneve – Regulation on Capacities Allocation), 25% of the grid capacity is allocated to the Wholesale Public Supplier and 50% to CEZ Distribution. The remaining interconnection capacities are auctioned by the TSO to the remaining market participants on annual, monthly and daily bases, with the possibility to be transferred to any third parties upon the TSO’s approval.

Pursuant to the Power Sector Act, non-discriminatory access to the distribution and transmission system is granted to all licensed market participants. Based on the market rules and the ERE regulations, ac­cess to the system may only be refused if such access could disrupt the technical conditions and the security of the networks, as well as result in deterioration of the conditions of other market participants.

Note; Article is the extract from Albania electricity market report 2014

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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