Albania: Generation in privately-owned HPPs increased in 2016

, SEE Energy News

Albanian electricity generation has significantly increased in 2016, both in state-owned hydropower plants operated by power utility KESH and in privately-operated HPPs.

First of all, HPP Banja on the Devoll river, owned by Norwegian Statkraft, has entered into operation in the second half of 2016 and produced some 69,000 MWh of electricity until the end of the year. HPP Peshqesh, operated by Turkish Ayen Enerji, produced 107,000 MWh of electricity in 2016, compared to just 28,000 MWh produced a year before. HPP Ashta has also increased its production in 2016, reaching 276,000 MWh of electricity, compared to 235,000 MWh recorded in 2015.

Four hydropower plants operated by Turkey’s Kurum Group (HPP Ulez, HPP Shkopet, HPP Bistrica 1 and HPP Bistrica 2) have produced 427,000 MWh in 2016, compared to 352,000 MWh produced in 2015.

In total, privately-owned HPPs in Albanian achieved record production of 2.2 million MWh of electricity in 2016, which represents about 30 % of the entire Albanian electricity production.