Albania, KESH has launched a public call for the expression of interest for temporary procurement

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Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) has launched a public call for the expression of interest for temporary (1 to 3 years) procurement of additional thermal electricity generation capacities at the premises of TPP Vlora, that can be easily deployed and interconnected to the Albanian electricity transmission network.

The additional capacity will serve the purpose of generating electricity needed to fulfill the public supply obligation by keeping the costs below market price, providing a reserve generating capacity to guarantee the security of electricity supply, optimizing the production of electricity from both hydro and thermal resources in order to the public supply obligation throughout the year, even during the dry season when electricity prices usually rise, and realizing surplus revenues from selling electricity in the free market by exploiting the opportunities of the increased market prices.

The contractor should provide operation and maintenance services during the lease period and in line with the production requirements provided by KESH.

The capacity needs to fulfill the following technical requirements:

– Have a power capacity of 110 MW and not more than 130 MW. The total installed capacity must be modular in order to provide a production flexibility without impacting the generation efficiency of the plant;

– The asset must be available to lease for a period of 24 months with a termination clause in the last 4 months with a penalty of not more than 25 % of the cost of the lease for those last four months;

– Operate using both LFO and HFO as fuel power source;

– Have an availability factor of more than 0.85;

– Be in compliance with the Albanian legal requirements for the environmental pollution;

– Guarantee the supply of electricity in 220kV/50Hz by respecting the system security parameters;

– Be fit for deployment near TPP Vlora, making use of the plant interconnection infrastructure (Vlora TPP-Babica Substation 220kv power line);

– A floating plant is preferred to avoid the space occupation and interference with TPP Vlora’s conservation and rehabilitation activities during the operation time span.

KESH is an administrator of a combined cycle thermal power plant with the capacity of 97MW (TPP Vlora), which is not operational and under conservation. The plant is located north of the city of Vlora, by the coast and close to the fishing port facility of Triport (less than 1,000 meters). TPP Vlora is connected to the transmission grid of Albania via Vlora TPP – Babica SS high voltage transmission line (220kv/50Hz) and has at its premises fuel tanks for depositing of liquid fuel. Due to the location and such infrastructure advantages, the required generating asset is considered to be a floating one and be moored within the basin of the Triport enabling a short distance interconnection with the Vlora TPP transmission line terminals. KESH will provide all the rights of use of the Triport bay to the future asset deployment.

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