Albania: New hydropower plants will allow electricity production increase by 31%

, SEE Energy News

Electricity generation in hydro power sector in Albania has recorded accelerated development in recent years. In addition to 140 small hydropower plants built by private operators, licenses were issued for 10 hydropower plants above 2 MW capacity.

According to the Energy Regulatory Authority (ERE), 10 hydropower plants with total power of 458 MW will allow electricity production increase by 31%.

The largest project is HPP Moglica, with the installed capacity of 171 MW. Other large projects include HPP Fang (72 MW), HPP Stavecit (20 MW), HPP Qarrishte (37 MW) and HPP Gostime (21 MW).

The list includes HPP Kalivac (100 MW), although this project has been stopped at an early stage because of the conflict between the Albanian Government and investor, Francesco Becchetti.
38 small hydropower plants started their operation during last year. According to ERE, the number of private hydropower plants increased from 100 in 2015, to 138.

Last year domestic production in Albania reached 7,136,351 MWh, of which 5,091,616 MWh was produced by state-owned power plants, and 2,044,735 MWh by private hydropower plants and concessionaires, accounting for 28% of total production.

On the list of 10 new hydropower plants there are plants planned to be connected to the transmission network (which are under construction or have been given a preliminary approval for connection):

1. Cascade HPP on Devoll River, Moglica, 171 MW

2. HPP Kalivac, 100 MW

3. HPP Fang, 72 MW

4. HPP Gostime, 21.5 MW

5. HPP HEC Qarishte, 37 MW

6. HPP Lumzi, 11 MW

7. HPP Kalivare, 5 MW

8. HPP Stavec, 20.77 MW

9. HPP Topojan, 10.2 MW

10.HPP Darsi, 11 MW