Albania: Power Corp KESH sells surplus electricity to 7 power traders

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Albanian Power Corporation KESH finalized the race for the sale of 79.380 MW for the sum of 1.4 million euros.

The amount of energy for sale was the result of surplus in production since KESH meet demand of OSHE , surplus is based on hydro reserves that have created satisfactory rainfall.

According to official sources of KESH, the electricity will be exported from February 21/ 29 through 7 power trading companies.

Referring to official data of KESH electricity will be exported at an average price of 18.8 euros per MW / h.

HUPX references prices were taken as reference in the talks with power traders and state-owned KESH offered to OSHEE  a base price of 24 euros/Mwh while the peak prices recorded a value of 30 euros per MWh. The data show that KESH has exported electricity 27 percent cheaper than HUPX basic price and 59 percent cheaper than peak load prices.

But experts at the company explain that KESH sold the excess electricity energy in bandwidth, which is more cheaper than peak prices and core prices. KESH official clarified that the Commission of Electricity Sales developed procedure for sale of electricity which invited production and trading companies to submit their offers.

After submitting bids by companies, sales commission administered and evaluated bids submitted by them. Companies that expressed interest were GEN-I Tirana, GEN-I doo, GEN-I doo Beograd, EFT AL, AL Energy Future, GSA, Danske Commodities Albania, Axpo doo Beograd, Axpo Romania, Energy NOA trade Sales commission negotiated procedures with companies manufacturing / trading  that expressed interest in the procedure developed by KESH dated 19.02.2016 for “Sale of electricity for the period 21-29.02.2016”, transmits