Albania, Price of electricity will be increased to 0.15 euros/ kWh

, SEE Energy News

It is expected that the price of electricity for 7,440 Albanian companies connected to the mediumvoltage network will be increased to 0.15 euros/ kWh. Compared to current 0.08-0.1 euros/kWh, the increase will range between 50 and 80 %.

These consumers were supposed to enter the free market as of 1 January 2022, but the Government decided to postpone this liberalization step for six months. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy said that the entrance to the free market will be postponed once again if the situation in the energy sector remain unchanged in June 2022. However, if electricity prices return to normal levels, the liberalization process will continue as planned.

Following the liberalization, the price of electricity for this category of consumers is expected to increase to 0.15 euros/kWh, including the
distribution fee.

The price of 0.15 euros/kWh is 50 to 80 % higher than the price at which medium-voltage companies used to buy electricity, but still almost
50 % lower compared to current prices on the free market, which amounted to 0.26 euros/kWh in December.

The supplier of last resort supplied companies connected to the medium-voltage network at a record price of 0.32 euros/kWh in November, while in December prices were slightly reduced to 0.26 euros/kWh.

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