Albania, Production of HPP on the Drina 6,450 MWh per day

, SEE Energy News

Albania’s KESH electricity corporation released official data Tuesday on the situation at the cascading hydropower plants on the Drina. The accumulation of the largest hydroelectric power plant Fierza reached a quota of 277 meters after the gradual improvement of the hydrological situation in the last few weeks.

On the other hand, the level of HPP Koman accumulation has been reduced to 171 meters, which is a slight decrease compared to a few days ago, which shows that production is supported by HPP Koman and HPP Vau and Dejes.

Daily production in HPP cascades according to KESH amounts to 6,450 MWh and covers less than a third of the country’s electricity consumption, while the energy reserve is estimated at 673.7 GWh.

The price on the Hungarian reference stock exchange on April 19 was 255 euros per MWh for peak energy, while on April 20 it decreased by 1.7% for base energy, to 241 euros per MWh, and to 252 euros per MWh in intervals with peak energy. load.


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