Albania: Unsuccessful tender for selection of reserve supplier

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The tender for the selection of a backup supplier was unsuccessful as no applications were submitted by licensed supply companies in Albania. Currently, the function of the supplier is ultimately performed by the branch of the OSHEE distribution operator.

Namely, the Albanian Energy Regulatory Agency ERE announced a tender in March for the selection of the final supplier, to which private companies that meet the necessary conditions could also apply. The deadline for submitting applications was March 30.

This supplier was supposed to provide electricity for a period of 60 days to companies that failed to conclude an open market contract.

Based on the order of the President of ERE from February 21, 2022, the Regulatory Agency informed all licensees for the activity of supply that it has opened the procedure for the selection of suppliers in the final instance.

The winner of the tender should have provided the electricity supply in cases when the other supplier interrupted the supply of electricity, ie when the buyer failed to conclude a supply contract.

Currently, there are 96 consumers connected to the 35 kV network on the free market. The Albanian high voltage market was liberalized in 2018.

Free market companies have an obligation to contract their own electricity supply. However, electricity for consumers who have failed to enter into contracts with a private supplier is currently provided by the ultimate supplier, which is part of the OSHEE group.

On the other hand, the market was partially liberalized for 7,440 medium voltage companies. They were supposed to enter the free market in January this year, but due to extreme market conditions, they were able to be supplied at a preferential price.


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