Albania: Upgrade of OST’s SCADA system

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The upgrade project consists of design, procurement and delivery of new hardware and software equipment, implementation and upgrade od new SCADA/EMS/AGC system, functional testing, commissioning of the system in the main control centre and training of the customer engineers.

Last week, Croatian Koncar KET has signed an agreement for the upgrade of SCADA/EMS/AGC system for Albanian electricity transmission system operator OST.

The project’s duration is total 48 months, where 18 months is allocated for implementation of upgrade of the system and afterwards 30 months of maintenance services.

SCADA/EMS/AGC system in the control centre has the function of remote supervision and control of the complete Albanian transmission power grid including all high voltage transformer stations and represents most important and critical component of the whole power grid of Albania. Main goal of the project is to achieve long term sustainability of the system, upgrade with new functionalities that will enable the support of the new business processes, digitalization and automation of complete power grid management. Application of new technologies and enhancement of system architecture will enable higher level of security and availability of the complete system. Enabling business continuity of the complete system is the most important and challenging task during the project implementation and upgrade of the system. This will ensure highest security and quality standards in electricity network management.