Black Sea Oil and Gas exploration prospects and investment opportunities to be discussed March 2013

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The Black Sea region can be considered a complex but hugely important area for hydrocarbon development in Europe. Recent exploratory drilling activities are promising, and there are currently important stakeholders in the region including OMV, Total and Repsol.

Gas and oil pipeline decisions are still in discussion, as are the issues in relation to the Bosphorus Strait. In energy terms, the region is a bridge between the Caspian region and Europe, as well as the Middle East and the East Mediterranean. Energy security, exploration & production, energy transportation and geopolitics are the main midstream and upstream challenges, but with these challenges come opportunities.

Held under the Patronage of the Republic of Bulgaria Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism with the Drinks Reception sponsored by OMV, Total and Repsol, the Black Sea Oil and Gas Forum takes place from 5-7 March in Sofia, Bulgaria and will explore what requires further commitment and investment, along with predictions from the littoral states, including those in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, as well as surrounding countries influencing the region.

The forum brings together government officials, IOCs, NOCs, operators, EPC specialists, local contractors and regional experts who will be identifying the key opportunities and challenges in Black Sea region, including:

•    H.E. Delyan Dobrev, Minister, Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, BULGARIA
•    Patrick Pluen, VP France Italy Gas Shale Europe, Total
•    Kurt Wagner, Vice President Exploration, Middle East & Caspian, OMV
•    Kiril Temelkov, CEO, Bulgartranzgaz
•    Jean-Arnold Vinois, Acting Director for Internal Energy Market, European Commission
•    Bogdan Popescu, Managing Director, Zeta Petroleum (Romania) srl
Discussion based case studies and panel debates will provide coverage on:

•    Taking Steps Towards Regional Co-operation in the Black Sea
•    How do the Black Sea Tenders and Discoveries Relate to the Southern Corridor?
•    Host Country Focus: Bulgaria – What are the Latest Developments?
•    The Very Latest on Exploration and Production from Total and OMV
•    Monetisation of National Resources from the NOC Bulgartranzgaz
•    Special Country Focus sessions for Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Romania

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