Bosina: ERS and EP HZHB signed cooperation agreement

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Power utility of the Republic of Srpska ERS and power utility from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina EP HZHB have signed a cooperation agreement in Trebinje.

On behalf of ERS the agreement was signed by its Director General Zejlko Kovacevic and on behalf of EP HZHB by Director General Marinko Gilja. This agreement would enable more efficient operation of the two companies. The key issue is the activation of units at reversible pumped storage hydropower plant Capljina with total power output of 420 MW, which are installed quite some time ago but are not used in sufficient capacity.

Director of EP HZHB Marinko Gilja explained that the most important part of this agreement is the regulation of river flows during winter in order to prevent flooding. Director of ERS Zeljko Kovacevic added that the agreement precisely defines the responsibilities of both companies and it will enable better management of river flows and more efficient electricity generation, transmits