Bosnia: 300MW new TPP Banovici project

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The Government of Federation of BiH adopted Information on activities regarding preparation and implementation of the program of construction of TPP “Banovici”. 300MW prefeasibility study confirms expectations.

Technical documentation for this project is completed to date, including the preparation of prefeasibility study, which showed the feasibility of construction of such a facility, which would include the development of the mine “Banovici”.

To this end, more than 100 million KM was invested in the purchase of new equipment for Rudnik.

Otherwise, the approximate unit power of 300 MW is defined by the prefeasibility study and the decision of the Government of the Federation.

So far they have obtained permits and approvals for construction of the power plant, and the Public Invitation for Prequalification for a strategic partner for a joint venture in the project was announced. Bilateral talks were held with several potential strategic partners in several countries.

Yesterday, FBiH Government has tasked the RMU “Banovici” dd Banovici to continue uts activities on this project.

Otherwise, the total estimated value of the investment is € 584.222.528, and the completion of the thermal power plant is planned for 2018, announced the Government of the Federation

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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