Bosnia and Herzegovina: A solar power plant to be built by Aluminij

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The use of solar energy will lead to energy savings, as well as reduction of CO2 emissions. M.T. Abraham Group and its subsidiary aluminium producer Aluminij Mostar have signed a strategic partnership with Israeli company Big SC on financing and construction of power plants which will use renewable energy sources (wind and solar).

The first project will be the construction of a solar power plant within the aluminium production facility, which will, according to Aluminij, supply electricity needed for the facility’s operation. Big SC is an established RES developer in Israel with the portfolio of 11 MW.

According to the statement from Aluminij, data on the number of sunny days in Herzegovina indicate significant sources of solar energy with an extremely favorable seasonal schedule, which provides an opportunity for its efficient and long-term use. Given the average number of sunny days in Mostar (more than 280) and the availability of large open areas, solar power plants are the most efficient and environmentally friendly mean of electricity production.

A technical team from Israel will come to visit Alumunij this month. Construction of the first solar power plant is expected to start in the summer of 2021.

Aluminij Mostar has been disconnected from the electricity network in July 2019. Therefore, the largest electricity consumer in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has stopped production. When it worked at full capacity, Aluminij was accounted for a quarter of total consumption in BiH. The company was later acquired by Chinese-Israeli Abraham Group via the 30-years lease agreement. Aluminium production was partially resumed in November 2020.