Bosnia and Herzegovina: BiH exported 294 million euros worth of electricity in 2019

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Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) exported over 294 million euros worth of electricity in 2019. This result, according to the state Agency for Statistics, is almost identical to exports realized in 2018, when it amounted to just shy of 294 million euros.
Electricity exports in 2019 were 0.1 % higher than in 2018, thus BiH posted another record high in recent years. At the same time, BiH imported electricity worth some 138.5 million euros in 2019, which is 51.4 % more than the year before (in 2018, imports amounted to around 91.5 million euros), despite the fact that EP HZHB had significantly less need to import electricity due to the shutdown of aluminium factory in Mostar, the largest industrial electricity consumer.

Increased import is the result of worse hydrological conditions compared to 2018, which resulted in lower electricity production, while the difference had to be covered via imports. This also means that coal-fired thermal power plants produced more electricity than hydropower plants in 2019.
The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), one of two entities in BiH, produced a total of 8,248 GWh of electricity in the first eleven months of 2018, which is 10 % less than in the same period in 2018. The share of thermal power plant in total electricity production has grown from 56.2 % in 2018 to 63 % in 2019.

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