Bosnia and Herzegovina: Building of SHPP Modrac 2

, SEE Energy News

New small hydropower plant – SHPP Modrac 2 on the Spreca river, will have an installed capacity of 584 kW and estimated annual electricity generation of around 1 GWh. Bosnian power utility EPBiH and local company Spreca have signed an agreement on cooperation on the project for the construction of SHPP Modrac 2.

The agreement determines the activities in order to achieve cooperation of the two companies on the project of preparation for the construction of SHPP Modrac 2, as well as the conditions and preconditions for concluding a joint investment agreement which will determine the rights, obligations and relations of the signatories.

The existing facilities and infrastructure to be used in this small hydropower plant will remain the property of Spreca, except for the part that the company contributes as a stake in the joint project. The newly built facilities and equipment, the realization of which is financed by EPBiH, will be in its ownership. The ratio in the distribution of produced electricity will be determined through the agreement on joint investment in the project of construction of SHPP Modrac 2.