Bosnia and Herzegovina: Business plan for 2021 for ERS

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The business plan for 2021 for Bosnian power utility ERS envisages investments in wind and solar power plants. The Supervisory Board of ERS unanimously accepted the company’s business plan for 2021.

According to the plan, revenues of the parent company in 2021 are expected at the level of 347.8 million euros, which is 31 % more than the revised planned revenues for 2020. The reason for this is the takeover of the function of public and reserve supply of electricity to customers from ERS’s electricity distribution subsidiaries. At the same time, 2021 expenditures are envisaged in the amount of 336.4 million euros, which is 32 % more than the revised expenditures planned for 2020. The reasons for this are the increased costs of production services, which include the costs of network fees invoiced to the parent company by its electricity distribution subsidiaries for the transmission of electricity to customers supplied by the parent company.

The planned profit for this year is 11.23 million euros and total investments amount to 7.65 million euros. This includes investments that will be financed from the company’s own funds in the amount of 6.76 million euros, which will be financed via loans in the amount of 0.75 million euros and those financed via donation – 140,000 euros.

The first wind and solar projects are the construction of wind farm Hrgud in which 3 million euros will be invested in 2021, and the construction of solar power plants Ljubinje and Trebinje, where around 500,000 euros will be invested in 2021.