Bosnia and Herzegovina, China will no longer build new coal-fired projects on coal abroad

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The fate of coal-fired energy projects, which are still planned in the Western Balkans, is very uncertain after the announcement by Chinese President Xi Jinping. During his address at the UN NT General Assembly, he stated that China will no longer build new coal-fired projects on coal abroad, in order to address the negative effects of climate change. Depending on how this announcement will be realized, this move could certainly significantly affect the started coal projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

Majda Ibrakovic from the Center for the Environment says that China can enforce its obligation from the United Nations General Assembly by immediately announcing the suspension of all planned coal-fired projects in the Western Balkans.

This especially refers to the current project for the construction of the thermal power plant Ugljevik 3, for which documentation is currently being obtained in cooperation with Chinese partners, as well as the project for the construction of unit 7 at TPP Tuzla, which is already under question following the withdrawal of the equipment supplier General Electric.

As a result of the statement by the Chinese President, organizations in the Coal-Free Europe Alliance are demanding the suspension of planned coal-fired projects in the Western Balkans, as they all have Chinese investors and/or contractors.

European coal projects have been significantly reduced in the last year, and since 2015 and the climate negotiations in Paris, the number of planned coal-fired TPPs has dropped by as much as 76 %. China’s promise to end support for coal projects abroad underscores the fact that coal has no future in Europe and globally.

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