Bosnia and Herzegovina, Concession for the construction of 29.9 MW wind farm

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The Government of the Herzeg-Bosnia Canton announced that it has awarded the concession for the construction of 29.9 MW wind farm to local company Concordia.

The statement from local authorities said that the wind farm will be built in the municipality of Tomislavgrad at Galecic locality. The investor will have to pay one-time concession fee in the amount of some 7,000 euros, as well as an annual concession fee equal to 1.75 % of the gross income generated by the wind farm.

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) approved granting of required permits by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the project for the construction of wind farm Dzeva, located in Glamoc municipality in the Herzeg-Bosnia Canton. The permits will be granted to the project’s investor – local company Vjetroelektrane for the construction of 46 MW wind farm with estimated annual electricity generation of some 160 GWh.