Bosnia and Herzegovina: Construction of wind farm Grebak to start in late 2020

, SEE Energy News

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina said that local company Vjetroelektrana Grebak is planning to start the construction of Grebak wind farm near Nevesinje in late 2020.

The statement from the agency said that the company is still in the process of obtaining necessary permits and the construction should start by the end of 2020. The wind farm should be built by the end of 2021 and should enter commercial operation in mid-2022.

In April, the Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska (RS) and local company VE Grebak have signed a concession agreement for the construction and operation of wind farm Grebak near Nevesinje. The 50-year concession was awarded to VE Grebak in February. The project for the construction of this 49.5 MW wind farm with expected annual electricity production of 130 GWh is worth about 65 million euros.

According to the agreement, the concessionaire has to pay one-time fee in the amount of 325,000 euros, while the concession fee amounts to 0.275 eurocents per kWh of produced electricity.