Bosnia and Herzegovina, Decrease in electricity production by 15% in October, to 1.1 TWh

, SEE Energy News

The gross production of electricity in Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2022 was 1,108 GWh, which is 15%, or 202 GWh less than in October 2021, when 1,310 GWh was produced, according to data from the BiH Statistics Agency (BHAS).

The drop in production in October is primarily due to poor hydrological conditions due to a prolonged drought. The thermal power plant Ugljevik has also been out of operation since the end of September due to overhaul.

In the total gross production, according to BHAS data, hydroelectric power plants participated with 27.7%, thermal power plants with 69.7%, and solar and wind power plants with 2.5%.

As a result of the drought, production from hydropower plants failed – it decreased from 356 GWh to 307 GWh on an annual basis, while production at thermal power plants decreased from 912 GWh to 773 GWh in the same period. Despite this, the share of production from thermal power plants remains high – 69.7%, which is unfavorable from the point of view of maintaining the balance in the power system, according to energy experts.

Electricity imports in October 2022 amounted to 398 GWh, compared to 319 GWh in October of the previous year. In the same period, exports decreased from 504 GWh to 474 GWh, according to BHAS data.