Bosnia and Herzegovina: Decreased petroleum products imports

, SEE Energy News

In 2020 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) 1,042,264 tons of petroleum products were imported which is about 15.38 % less than in 2019.

Most petroleum products were imported from Croatia – 568,913 tons or 54.59 %, followed by Serbia with 219,615 tons or 21.07 % and Italy with 196,203 tons or 18.82 %. A total of 54,438 tons of petroleum products were procured from suppliers from Republika Srpska last year.

According to the type of derivatives, 419,277 tons of Eurodiesel were imported, 74,259 tons of BMB-95 petrol and 9,940 tons of BMB-98, and 19,849 tons of extra light heating oil and 42,152 tons of liquefied petroleum gas and 10,175 tons of fuel oil were imported.