Bosnia and Herzegovina, EPBiH is focusing on the project for the construction of unit 8 at TPP Kakanj

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Besides the project for the construction of unit 7 at coal-fired thermal power plant Tuzla, Bosnian power utility EPBiH is also focusing on the project for the construction of unit 8 at TPP Kakanj.

Evidently, the difficulties in the implementation of TPP Tuzla project did not defer EPBiH from investments in new coal-fired generation capacities. Namely, the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism received application for the issuance of the environmental permit for 300 MW cogeneration (heat and power) unit at TPP Kakanj. The previous permit issued in 2017 was annulled by the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo.

Unit 8 at TPP Kakanj is replacement unit for already decommissioned blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as unit 5, which is supposed to be shutdown following the commissioning on unit 8.

TPP Kakanj has seven units with total installed capacity of 578 MW, of which only 450 MW in three units is operational, while the first four units were closed in late 1990s.

The new units will be supplied with coal from Kakanj, Breza and Zenica mines. The expected annual generation of the unit is 1,755 GWh, while the investment should amount to 500 million euros, with additional 100 million euros investment in coalmines.