Bosnia and Herzegovina, ERS subsidiary to maintain liquidity with 5 million euros loan

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“Hidroelektrane na Drini”, a subsidiary of state- owned power utility ERS which operates hydropower plant Visegrad, is seeking a loan worth some 5 million euros in order to maintain liquidity in the coming period.

Namely, the subsidiary launched a public call for commercial banks interested in providing a loan of 5 million euros. The loan was not included in the public procurement plan for this year, so it will be included in the plan’s rebalancing.

“Hidroelektrane na Drini” is looking for a loan with the maturity of one year, with fixed interest rate of 4.9 % and is prepared to pay up to 260,000 euros for the loan’s servicing fees.

Last month, parent company ERS obtained a loan worth 5 million euros for the purchase of necessary fuel for the winter season, while coalmine and thermal power plant (RiTE) Gacko recently launched a call for 1.3 million euros loan that will be used for the purchase of energy supplies.