Bosnia and Herzegovina: ERS will not take part in HPP Dubrovnik 2 development

, SEE Energy News

The managements of two power utilities ERS and EPCG have expressed joint interest in the construction of hydropower plant Sutorina on the Trebisnjica river, which would be the first joint project of the two companies. ERS did not want to comment on this, however, according to local media, following the inception of this new project, the prevailing position in the company is to suspend all activities on the construction of HPP Dubrovnik 2 due to the lack of interest on the Croatian side.

Namely, two years ago, ERS offered to Croatian state-owned power utility HEP to jointly develop the project for the construction of HPP Dubrovnik 2. However, the Croatian side did not officially respond to this date.

Therefore, the construction of HPP Sutorina is the most probable alternative for that project. With the construction of this hydropower plant, ERS’ subsidiary “Hidroelektrane na Trebisnjici” (HET) would no longer depend on the production of electricity of HPP Dubrovnik in Croatia, where problems occur every now and then, which leads to decreased electricity production. ERS’ unit in HPP Dubrovnik has not been working since the end of March due to increased vibrations. It was completely dismantled and the generator was sent to Croatian Koncar for repairs, and the turbine went to Slovenian Litostroj. HEP’s unit at HPP Dubrovnik is operational and currently, HET and HEP share the production of electricity from that unit on equal basis.

The construction of HPP Sutorina would also solve the long-standing problem of the supply of Herceg Novi area in Montenegro with drinking water.