Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH adopted the proposed amendments to the Law on electricity

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The House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) adopted the proposed amendments to the Law on electricity, which bans the construction of small hydro power plants (SHPP) on the territory of the Federation.

Namely, the issuance of new concessions for SHPPs will be forbidden. The term “small hydropower plant” is defined as a hydropower plant with a capacity of up to (and including) 10 MW. The ban does not apply to small hydropower plants on gravity pipelines.

Explaining why the limit of 10 MW, the Federal Government states that the difference between hydropower plants and small hydropower plants is in the installed capacity and that the values that separate these two terms vary from country to country.

The newly proposed law also enables applicants for the issuance of energy permits, who have already concluded concession agreements with the competent authority, to complete the applications within three years.

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