Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH is facing coal shortage

, SEE Energy News

Despite all the efforts and significant financial investments by power utility EPBiH, some mines failed to achieve the planned production results and provide sufficient quantities of coal for a stable electricity supply and the upcoming heating season, the company said in a statement.

For example, EPBiH’s Kreka coalmine excavated 300,000 tons of coal less than planned for the first seven months of 2021. In order to overcome this unenviable situation, EPBiH is taking all measures to provide enough coal as the main energy source for electricity generation and thermal energy production. This, above all, implies the urgent procurement of a certain amount of lignite of appropriate quality for the needs of thermal power plant Tuzla.

As a second measure, EPBiH directed all quantities of coal produced in other mines to TPP Tuzla, which significantly affects the sale of coal to other customers, jeopardizing the performance of their core activities. However, this measure is necessary because the delay in the restructuring of the mine and the reduced delivery of coal have brought TPP Tuzla to a state that is not remembered even in the most difficult periods of its existence.

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