Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gazprom increases gas price by 21.7% since April

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From April, the price of gas for Bosnia and Herzegovina will be higher by 21.7%, said the director of the Energoinvest supplier, Bisera Hadžialjević.

In accordance with Gazprom’s practice, it submits a quarterly price for the next three months. The price of gas offered by Russian Gazprom for the period from April to June increased by 21.7% compared to the previous quarter.

Hadžialjević reminded that the formation of the price depends on the movement of oil prices, and only from January to April, the price of fuel increased by 44%.

She added that along with Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the most favorable price for Russian gas.

The director of Energoinvest stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina still pays Russia for gas in euros, according to the terms of the agreement that is in force until June this year. Then the contract is expected to be extended, with which additional conditions can be set.

The director of the sector in Energoinvest, Semir Krehić, pointed out that the increase in prices was also noticed in previous years, especially in 2008 and 2018, when the price was higher than the current one.

Hadžialjević emphasized that they had sent a request to the Government of the Federation of BiH for a permit for the purchase of gas at the new price, but that they did not know how the Government of the FBiH would communicate this to end customers and households.

There have been subsidies before, and whether the FBiH government will adopt new measures is unknown at this time.


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