Bosnia and Herzegovina, HPP Visegrad produced 128.5 GWh of electricity in January

, SEE Energy News

A subsidiary of power utility ERS “Hidroelektrane na Drini”, the company which operates hydropower plant Visegrad, announced that the plant has produced 128.54 GWh of electricity in January 2023, which is by 6 % lower compared to the previous month. Last December, the plant produced 87.62 GWh of electricity.

HPP Visegrad produced a total of 849 GWh of electricity in 2022, compared to 1,174 GWh produced in 2021.

HPP Visegrad was commissioned in 1989 and it has power output of 315 MW (3 x 105 MW) and average annual generation of 1,010 GWh of electricity. Record annual production was achieved in 2010 with 1,283.05 GWh.

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