Bosnia and Herzegovina, HPPs on Drina will be built regardless of court’s decision

, SEE Energy News

After a two-day session of the BiH Constitutional Court, the dilemma of whether power utility ERS can continue with the project for the construction of hydropower plants on the Drina river, which it is implementing together with Serbian power utility EPS, has not been resolved.

ERS representatives said that the activities of the Constitutional Court can slow down, but not stop the project. At the same time, the Constitutional Court extended the deadline for the BiH Joint Concessions Commission to resolve a dispute over jurisdiction between the Republic of Srpska (RS) and BiH.

The decision on the continuation of the construction of the Gornja Drina hydropower system (consisting of HPPs Buk Bijela, Foca and Paunci) was delayed by the BiH Constitutional Court until January next year.

Deputy President of the Commission for Concessions of BiH Milomir Amovic said that, as for the Commission, this delay does not mean much as the Commission continues doing its job regardless of this temporary measure. He added that he is pleased that the Court did not decide to suspend the project.

The foundation stone for the HPP Buk Bijela project has been laid in May.