Bosnia and Herzegovina, KfW has launched a tender for the construction of the 36 MW Podvelezje solar power plant

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German Development Bank KfW has launched a tender for a consultant in the preparation of a feasibility study for the construction of the 36 MW Podvelezje solar power plant, a project developed by power utility EPBiH.

KfW intends to provide financing for the Podvelezje solar power plant, which is expected to generate electricity for both the regional and national distribution grids. The planned solar power plant will be located near the recently commissioned Podvelezje wind farm. The tender is open until 25 November.

In July, EPBiH has launched a public call to all interested municipalities, companies and individuals for the expressing of interest for the lease of land for the purpose of building solar power plants.

The lease of construction land or other type of land that could be transferred to construction land, should be to a minimum of 25 years. Land offered by municipalities must have a minimum area of 100,000 square meters, while for companies and individuals the minimum is 50,000 square meters. Locations with higher number of annual sunny days will have an advantage. The deadline for the expression of interest is 31 December 2021.

Ajla Merzic from EPBiH’s development department said that the company will build a solar power plant on the location of the existing Podvelezje wind farm, while it also plans to develop a number of solar power plants at the locations of its coalmines, which should be closed in the future, around Tuzla and Kakanj TPPs.

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