Bosnia and Herzegovina: NIS’ G Petrol increasing diesel storage capacity in BiH

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In the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), NIS (Serbian oil company), has further increased its diesel storage capacity through its subsidiary G Petrol.

The terminal in Zenica has a capacity of 3 million liters and enables the storage of additional quantities of diesel that are delivered from Pancevo oil refinery. Recently, 1.7 million liters of diesel produced in Pancevo were delivered to this terminal by rail. The expansion of storage capacities has enabled a more reliable supply of top quality fuel to customers in BiH. In addition to Zenica, G Petrol has terminals in Srebrenik and Popovi in the Republic of Srpska (RS), with a capacity of 1.7 million liters.

According to Director of G Petrol Srdjan Pesevic, the turnover in wholesale segment is constantly increasing, so that the expansion of storage capacities has increased the amount of diesel in the offer for wholesale customers, but consumers in retail also benefit from it. Although the diesel is intended primarily for wholesale market, in case of unforeseen situations, the company has sufficient quantities to supply its retail network in BiH.

In addition to these oil terminals, NIS manages a network of 42 modernly equipped petrol stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.