Bosnia and Herzegovina, Petrol warns about fuel shortages in country this summer

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Slovenian fuel retailer Petrol warned about possible fuel shortages in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) this summer due to difficulties in supply after EU banned Russian crude oil imports.

Petrol Group has secured long-term contracts for the purchase of petroleum products in 2022 to the extent that reflects the current dynamics of mobility growth at pre-covid levels, as defined in the business plan for 2022. Regardless of the embargo on Russian oil, the Group will realize the signed long-term contracts, but there may be delays in deliveries and an increase in purchase prices. Due to the situation in Ukraine, and thus the deteriorating security situation, it has already seen delays in supply chains. However, Petrol Group has confirmed the planned deliveries of petroleum products for the month of June to supply the markets in which it operates (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia).

International expert organizations have warned that the entire market of petroleum products is facing supply problems, with higher demand than supply, the possibility of fuel shortages (especially in summer) and rising prices in the long run.

Refineries will also be in a problem, with limited capacities until they technologically adapt to raw materials from non-Russian sources. Additional complication in the region is the incident at the Austrian Schewchat refinery, where operation has been temporarily suspended and fuel is being used from commodity reserves.