Bosnia and Herzegovina, Possible suspension of electricity export due to high consumption

, SEE Energy News

Bosnia and Herzegovina may be forced to stop exporting electricity due to high consumption in the country.

The agency states that the galloping rise in the prices of gas, firewood and pellets has forced many citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to turn to electricity as the main source of energy in the colder months, which puts additional pressure on power plants.

The price of electricity in BiH is subsidized by the state and is at the level of one tenth of the market price, while gas prices have increased by 100 percent compared to last winter.

Because of this, households are more often heated with electricity, but such behavior can threaten the entire system of electric energy supply and lead to a collapse, warns Amed Ergić, vice president of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“BiH exports about 25 percent of its electricity, and two thirds of exports go to neighboring countries, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Those countries would certainly be affected by the decision to ban the export of electricity from Bosnia and Herzegovina”, adds Ergić, reports Nova.

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