Bosnia and Herzegovina, Profit of TPP Stanari 24 million euros in 2021

, SEE Energy News

EFT – Rudnik i Termoelektrana Stanari, owned by Serbian businessman Vuk Hamovic, took advantage of the increase in the price of electricity and last year achieved record revenues and a profit of 46.8 million KM (23.9 million euros).

Unlike the state-owned RiTE Gacko and Ugljevik, which have been operating in the red or with minimal profits for years, the only private thermal power plant in Republika Srpska has made multi-million profit since its establishment.

EFT – Rudnik and Termoelektrana Stanari last year had revenues of 210.6 million KM (107.7 million euros) and they are 16.6 million KM (8.5 million euros) higher than a year earlier, while profits jumped by about 1.5 million euros to close to 24 million euros.

Last year, the company increased the number of employees by 30 and now has a total of 902 workers.


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