Bosnia and Herzegovina: Recovering of electricity market

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In 2020, Bosnia and Herzegovina exported 7.3 TWh of electricity, which is an increase of 12 % compared to 2019. In financial terms, the export of electricity in 2020 amounted to 255 million euros, which is by 13.5 % less than in 2019. The average export price of electricity was 34.9 euros/MWh, which is by 23 % lower than in 2019.

At the beginning of 2021, the electricity market in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) shows a tendency of recovery, after suffering shocks in 2020 caused by the consequences of the pandemic on production and consumption. President of BiH Committee of the International Council for Large Electrical Systems (CIGRE) Edhem Bicakcic said that, If this trend continues in the coming months, it would significantly contribute to the successful functioning and economic strengthening of the electricity sector.

Last year, BiH imported 3.3 TWh of electricity, which is an increase of 17 % compared to 2019. Electricity imports in 2020 amounted to 49.2 million euros, which is a decrease of 64.5 %t compared to 2019. The average import price last year was 14.9 euros/MWh, which is a decrease of the average price of 64 % compared to 2019. The fall in electricity export prices, especially in the second half of 2020, is a result of reduced consumption due to the coronavirus pandemic. The fall in import prices is a consequence of surplus electricity from renewable energy (solar and wind) in the region. Bicakcic concluded that BiH had a positive production balance of 4 TWh last year, to which independent electricity producers made a significant contribution.