Bosnia and Herzegovina: TPP Kakanj unit 7 incident brought to electricity import

, SEE Energy News

On Saturday, 10 July, the pipes of the interheated steam system were damaged at the unit 7 of TPP Kakanj, operated by EPBiH, which caused the shutdown of the unit. TPP Kakanj has three operational units with total power output of 450 MW.

The incident and subsequent shutdown of unit 7 at coal-fired thermal power plant Kakanj forced power utility EPBiH to import electricity from neighboring countries.

Unit 7 has installed capacity of 200 MW, so EPBiH is now forced to import electricity from Croatia (290 MW) and Serbia (83 MW). At the same time, it regularly exports 168 MW to Montenegro, as per previously signed agreement.

The hydrological situation is not helping EPBiH at the moment, because the drought and heat have reduced the inflow of water into the reservoirs. Total daily electricity production of EPBiH is at the level of 1,600 MW.