Bosnia: EFT TPP and coalmine Stanari will improve energy balance of RS

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Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska (RS) Petar Djokic said that the company ―EFT – Rudnik i Termoelektrana Stanari‖, which operates coalmine and new thermal power plant Stanari, will improve energy balance of the RS and contribute to its overall development.

Minister Djokic stressed that the policy of the RS Government is to work with strategic partners in order to build more new facilities in the country, especially in the energy sector. He said that he is proud that TPP Stanari is finally completed and that it will start producing electricity at full capacity next week, which will be used to cover domestic demand and for exports as well.

Minister Djokic also said that new investments in the energy sector are expected in the forthcoming period. He reminded that the concession for the construction of 93.5 MW hydropower plant Buk Bijela was awarded to power utility ERS last week, adding that activities regarding the projects for the construction of new units at TPP Gacko and TPP Ugljevik will be accelerated.

The construction 300 MW TPP Stanari was financed by EFT Group. The construction of the plant started in May 2013 by Chinese Dongfang Electric Corporation and it will have annual electricity generation of 2,000 MW and annual consumption of 2.3 million tons of coal, transmits

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