Bosnia: EFT’s new TPP Stanari commercial operation expected may 2016

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Technical director of the newly built thermal power plant Stanari Sava Mirković said that the start of the commercial operation of this thermal power plant is expected in May 2016. The owner of 300MW TPP Stanari is the UK company Energy Financing Team (EFT).

The units are functional in the 80 percent of the capacity or 240 MW and soon they are expected to get to the projected capacity of 300 MW. He added that the plan is for TPP Stanari to start with testing operation in March 2016 explained Mirkovic.

The minister of industry, energy and mining of the Republic Srpska Petar Đokić stressed that in the next period thermal power plant Stanari will improve the structure of industrial production in the Republic Srpska, increase the energy balance of electricity production and provide a new quality development in the economy of the Republic Srpska.

First synchronization of TPP Stanari started on January 4, 2016 at 15:00 hours and 58 minutes. The synchronization went as planned, and total of 425 MW hours of electricity was delivered. Integrated capacity of TPP Stanari is 300 MW and expected yearly production is 2 million MW hours. The total value of the investment is around 500 million euro, the investor is EFT Group and the work has been done by the Chinese company Dongfang Electric Corporation, transmits