Bosnia: Electricity market overview 2015

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only net electricity exporter in this group of countries, even though the capacities for electricity production are not fully utilized, and therefore there is room for significant increases in production.

The main sources of energy in the country are conventional – coal and water. The total capacity for electricity production amounted to 4,300 megawatts, of which thermal power plants provide about 55 percent, and hydropower plants the rest.

The most important manufacturers, distributors and electricity suppliers are owned by the state. However, number of private companies engaged in the electricity production and supply grow during last years. Owner of coal mine Stanari and owner of concessions for thermal power plant Stanari and hydropower plant Ulog on the Neretva River, is EFT group. Private investments are recorded in the oil and gas sector, which is characterized by high import dependence.


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