Bosnia: “Energy 3” plans to build 48MW wind farm “Plocno” in Mostar

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The company “Energy 3” from Mostar, which is engaged in the research and development of renewable energy projects, plans to build wind farm “Plocno” in the local area North – the town of Mostar.

Therefore the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism submitted a request for  issuing of an environmental permit, which is currently on public review. Following the application for the environmental permit,  the Plan for waste managing is submitted .

The deadline for providing comments and suggestions on the proposed application is 15 days from the date of publication on the website of the Ministry.

The wind farm will consist of 16 individual wind turbines of 3 MW total installed capacity of 48 MW. According to the plan WF “Plocno” will be build in the area Plocno – the town of Mostar.

Otherwise,  for nearly eight years Energy 3″ was doing the measurement of the wind at the location Plocno, which makes the ground for making appropriate studies’ analyzes of feasibility of the project, and thus the basis for the preparation of environmental impact assessments.

The wind farm will consist of wind turbines of 3 MW corresponding model and from renowned producer, pillars of wind turbines with appropriate foundation structure and installations, transformers (low and medium voltage) and other electrical equipment for wind farms. Additionally it will consist of underground cable installations for power transmission for the interconnection of wind turbines and wind farms with TS and control building, control building to accommodate the system for monitoring and control of wind power plant and wind power connection to the electrical power grid, via above ground transmission lines that start from TS and the control object.

Rotor’s diameter of wind turbine is 100 meters, the height of the stairs at the hub of the rotor is 80 meters and the maximum height of the tip of the propeller about 130 meters.

Source; Serbia Energy See Deks