Bosnia: Environmentalists succeeded in obtaining audit for the environmental permit for TPP Banovici

, SEE Energy News

Energy Community Secretariat has accepted the appeal initiated by the Association “Ekotim” thus confirming that the environmental permit for the planned thermal power plant Banovici is not in accordance with the legal obligations of the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are obliged to implement them.

Energy Community Secretariat requested from the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism to revise the permit and harmonize it in accordance with the prescribed values ​​that restrict the permitted air pollution.

Ministry was also pointed to the fact that, when it comes to energy projects it is necessary to follow and apply the provisions laid down in environmental legislation, said the “Ekotim”.

The Association appealed last year to the Energy Community Secretariat against Bosnia and Herzegovina due to uncertainties regarding permissible emission limit values of pollutants that are listed in the environmental permit for TPP Banovici.

Otherwise, the construction of 350 MW thermal power plant in Banovici is planned and its construction is estimated at EUR 500 million.

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) has given the consent to Chinese Dongfang Electric, as a strategic partner for the construction of the thermal power plant, but has not signed loan contract yet with the Chinese bank, in which the Government of FBiH should provide guarantee for the implementation of this project.

There were earlier announcements that the power plant should be put into operation by the end of 2019, but considering the present circumstances it is questionable whether this deadline will be met.