Bosnia: Gov approves long-term development plan for transmission network worth 402 MEUR

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The State Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERK) approved the Long Term Development Plan of the transmission network for the period 2014 – 2023 yesterday at a meeting in Tuzla.

This planning document, prepared by “Elektroprenos”, and audited by independent system operator in BiH, defines the required reinforcement of existing and construction of new transmission facilities in order to timely initiate activities on the design, construction and commissioning of the infrastructure necessary for continuous supply and stable operation of the system.

The value of total investments predicted by first approved long-term plan amounts to 402 MEUR.

The long-term plan envisages the construction of 29 substations of 110 / x kV, 50 transmission lines of 110 kV, two transmission lines of 220 kV, three transmission lines of 400 kV and 37 transmission lines of 110 kV in the existing substations.

The plan includes expansion and installation of the second transformer at 34 substations of 110 / x kV, installation of a power transformer 400/220/110 kV, and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 112 high-voltage and medium-voltage facilities.

It is also predicted the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 76 transmission lines of 110 kV, 20transmission lines of 220 kV and one transmission line of 400 kV, as well as the replacement of 52 transformers 110 / x kV, one transformer 220 / x kV and two 400 / x kV.

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