Bosnia: Gov issues energy balance decision 2015

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BiH Federation Government issued a decision on the adoption of the Balance of Energy Requirements of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2015th prepared by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Industry.

The production of 7,266,611 tons is planned by Energy coal balance for 2015th. Planned coal consumption in BiH Federation amounts 7,102, 764 tons, of which 5,803,997 tons for thermal power plants, 467, 600 for industrial customers, 831, 167 tons and for other customers.

If 225,000 tons for export is added on the planned consummation, the total planned sale amounts 7,327,764 tons of coal.

Recorded 61 tons of differences between the production plan and sale plan is the result of the difference between the losses in the processing in RMU “Zenica” (6,484 tons) and the use of fine coal separation (precipitator) in RMU “Djurdjevik” (plus 67, 637).

The balance of the planned coal quantity will provide a stable coal supply in 2015th of all planned consumers in BiH Federation.

The total electricity production in the amount of 9459.6 GWh is planned by the power balance for 2015th.

Total electricity consumption in FBiH is planned in the amount of 9279.9 GWh.

This power balance predicted that domestic consumers supply and delivery obligations in respect of concluded contracts should be met with production from domestic sources and quantities procurement in the electricity market with the planned balance surplus in the amount of 2,777.3 GWh.

By fulfilling this, it will be created the preconditions for a stable electricity supply of the BiH Federation in 2015th.

The placement of 920,000 tons of oil products is planned by the Balance of petroleum products in 2015th, of which 680,000 tons is planned to be imported on a daily basis and 240,000 tons per day through the inter-entity trade from Refinery Brod.

The supply dynamics will depend on the requirements of the domestic market and relationships in the global market.

A regular supply of petroleum products in BiH Federation is planned by the Balance for 2015th. Natural gas import/consumption plan in 2015th is 182, 075 Sm3, which is 15 percent more than the consumption in the previous year, which amounted to 157, 755 Sm3.

The representatives of “Energoinvest” / “BH-Gas” agreed with “Gazprom Export” to supply with natural gas until 31.12.2015.

The balance of the projected natural gas amount in 2015th will provide a stable supply of BiH Federation, it was announced from the Office of Public Relations of the FBiH Government.

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