Bosnia: Optima Group Ru request modernization deadline extension for its oil refinery Brod

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Brodska Refinery is asking for the extension of deadline for modernization. The Russians are not leaving Brodska Refinery, says the leader of Optima Group Andrej Ozerov.

“We do not plan to leave this market, the financial indicators show that we are reducing losses and in 2016 we plan to operate without losses,” Ozerov told reporters.

State debts were reprogrammed and they are being serviced regularly, as the Energy Minister claims.

An investor who has invested 400 million euro since the arrival and is operating in a small market, needs help according to him. Therefore, they intend to make every effort to extend the deadlines to modernize in order to reduce pollution by 2017 as it was planned, since it will burden the refinery with 3 million dollars annually.

“We will suggest in our action plan to move this deadline to 2020 period because it is the same as Serbia did and we expect that there will be a lot of understanding in BiH regarding this”, said Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of Republic Srpska Petar Djokic.

Brodska Refinery employs more than a thousand workers and it is a pillar of the development of Brodska economy. On the streets of this small town people do not even want to think how everything would function without it. They do not believe in the story of the departure of Russians do not believe, because it has been a topic since they came.

Acquaintances of those who are on the payroll of the Refinery say that the minimum salary is about 400 euro. Brođani have their own theory about pollution. Those who work in it, do not feel the pollution and they remind the others that the refinery worked for decades, but then no one complained, transmits